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Riders on the Sturm

Little known to the history of Richard Wagner is the composition of his "Sturm" leitmotif, a highly compressed stochastic form prefiguring Ligeti and Hank Marvin. A century later The Shadows were to release this chromatic genie from its lamp in secret sessions shortly after their highly successful Summer Holiday soundtrack. Raagnagrok salute these pioneers from a safe distance within a heavily emboldened pentangle.

>>download riders on the sturm 10Mb

Mount Pelee, 25 April 1902

Aviation pioneer JW Dunne has a vision of pyroclastic catastrophe in a dream. More than a dream. Amon and Kirschner were on the scene, deep in the pit of the volcano itself, 100 years down the line, armed with a tachyon device of the second intensity. Fortunately a valve tube malfunctioned mere seconds into the set. But what does time mean so deep inside tectonic space?

>>download mount pelee 10Mb

The Purple Cloud

Atmospheric conditions around the globe have been affected by aetheric-harmonic frequencies emanating from the Waltham Forest and Hampstead areas. Experts are seeking explanations in micro and macrocosmic paradox phenomena, but Kirchner and Amon know the terrible truth. As the deadly Purple Cloud descends, the duo contemplate the awful inevitability of a world in which they are the only living beings.

>>download the purple cloud 19.5Mb

Scaledown session 24.03.06

"Raagnagrok are a synthesizer and electric sitar duo who produce an ecstatic cosmic raga-drone - psychedelic, hypnotic and transcendental. Easy journey to other planets, from 15 minutes to eternity."

14 minute 07 second session from Mark Braby & Andy Coules Scaledown Radio programme on Resonance FM. But still subjectively eternal.

>>download scaledown session 13.5Mb

The Emperor in Disguise

Premonitions of universal flood: the stars have gone out! The fourth side of a gatefold double album found in a locked basement in Walthamstow Village. The Emperor in Disguise.

Recorded in Studio Notre Dame de Tout Pouvoir, E17 - October 2005. 25 minutes 26 seconds of gnostic lo-fi stereo sound.

>>download the emperor in disguise 23.3Mb

0707 Ragapax (rainbow)

The first RGk session recorded on 07.07.05 in the wake of the London bombings.

22 minutes of signature Raagnagrok drones, noise and ambiences.

>>download 0707 ragapax (rainbow) 30.2Mb

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