RAAGNAGROK - mesopotamian grokmusik for the end of days
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photo by alyssa joye


When Ninja Rabbi Solomon Kirchner starts to recieve MIDI data from a distant star, the security machinery at Earth Central moves into Condition Red and alarms go off globalwide: BRING KIRCHNER IN!

But Earth Central reckoned without Otto Amon, the source of Kirchner's mysterious shortwave messages, a nine-million year old entity whose line manager hails from the Primal Darkness itself!

And so Kirchner's odyssey begins. An odyssey which will take him from the mean streets of Klarkashton to the lost island of Thulsa Doom. Chased by hypostatic archons from the collective unconscious, berated by Thirteenth Tribe Redemptionists, and irritated by bulbous amber somethings that the mind cannot stomach.

But all of this is child's play compared with the Ordeal of Metatron. Can Kirchner take on the mantle of the Angel of Light? Is this an offer he can refuse when the future of sentient life is in the balance?

Now he would have to fight as a God: use the powers that rationality rejected, for his enemy was also a God!

Kirchner and Amon find themselves locked in an eternal conflict, the final confrontation written about in every book of prophecy. The forces of light and darkness are gathering for battle at the end of time, and whoever, whatever, wins... our universe is DOOMED!